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Hundreds protest at talk given by the gender-critical academic, Kathleen Stock


The talk by the controversial professor had the backing of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who said:

"Agree or disagree with her, Professor Stock is an important figure in this argument. Students should be allowed to hear and debate her views. We mustn't allow a small but vocal few to shut down discussion."

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak


And it’s not just universities facing these challenges  - it’s a huge topic for schools too at the moment.

Following accusations that school leaders are being left in in the crossfire when it comes to teaching about sex, sexuality, and gender identity, the Prime Minister pledged to publish guidance for schools ‘within weeks’. That was in March 2023 and there have been no further timelines released or announcements about a delay.


But that doesn't help schools now...


School Leaders are desperately trying to support their trans-students but are currently being left to contend with parents, students and staff members who disagree with schools teaching gender identity, on their own. We know that this is unsustainable and we can only hope that new guidance will be released imminently. When it is, rest assured that Education Conferences UK will be ready to unpick it and help you implement it.

If you would like to get ahead of this guidance and be in a stronger position to support all your pupils now, please get in touch for tailored in-house training.


Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/education-65714821

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