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AI and Wellbeing in Education

Wed, 27 Nov 2024

Virtual, Online

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education has brought about numerous advancements and transformations in the learning process.

While AI offers exciting possibilities to enhance educational outcomes, it also raises important questions about its impact on both student and staff wellbeing.

In this masterclass we will delve into the complex relationship between AI, learning and wellbeing, exploring the potential benefits and challenges associated with its implementation in educational settings.

In the rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents both opportunities and challenges for the wellbeing of students and staff. Our masterclass, “AI and Wellbeing in Education,” is tailored specifically for school staff, aiming to explore the profound impact of AI technologies on educational environments. This session delves into the ethical use of AI, focusing on how it can support rather than undermine the mental and emotional wellbeing of the school community.

Participants will be introduced to cutting-edge AI applications that enhance personalised learning, streamline administrative tasks, and provide insights into student performance and wellbeing trends.

We will discuss strategies to implement AI tools responsibly, ensuring they complement traditional teaching methods while safeguarding data privacy and promoting digital literacy.

The session will also address the potential stressors and ethical dilemmas posed by AI, offering guidance on maintaining a healthy balance between technological advancements and human-centric educational values. Through interactive discussions and case studies, attendees will learn to navigate the complexities of AI in education, fostering an environment that supports both academic excellence and the holistic wellbeing of students and staff.

School Leaders, Senior Leadership Team Members, SENCO’s, Inclusion Leads, Pastoral Leads, Senior Mental Health Leads, Teachers, Support Staff, Business Managers, IT Leads, Digital leaders.

This Masterclass/session will enable you to:

  • Understand the potential benefits and challenges of AI integration in education.

  • Recognise the impact of AI on student wellbeing, including mental health, privacy, and social-emotional development.

  • Explore strategies to promote student and staff wellbeing in AI-driven educational environments.

  • Equip educators and stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about AI integration.

  • Foster a community of practice for ongoing learning and collaboration in the field of AI and education.

Kelly is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant and the Director and founder of Mind Work Matters Ltd. She puts wellbeing and people at the heart of education. She is an award-winning motivational speaker, school improvement advisor, published author and founder of the ‘Family Matters’ empowerment and engagement programme.

Kelly has worked systemically throughout her career as a director of wellbeing, working with local authorities, MATS, Senior leaders and pastoral teams and Governors to help create healthy work cultures and environments. She is an expert trainer and coach for Senior Mental Health Leads and supports some of the most challenging communities with preventative and early help measures in education.

Kelly develops the strategies to help people in education thrive from adversities. Her work with schools and organisations raises aspirations, engagement, attendance, and outcomes.

She has recently led on the DFE Wellbeing for Education Return project and leads on education development processes creating outstanding outcomes and awards for many organisations. Recognised by the DfE, NCB, The Anna Freud Centre, and The Education Support Partnership as a lead influencer of mental health and wellbeing in education.

Facilitated by:

Kelly Hannaghan

Mental Health Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Coach
Mind Word Matters Ltd

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